Side Project / 2017
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This was a solo project. I designed it, wrote all the content, and coded it myself using Middleman, a Ruby static site generator.


Wanderprep, the predecessor to Wanderium (excuse the confusing naming), is a modern resource for straightforward, “best of” advice on travel products.

The goal was to create a travel version of these two media trends:


After launch, it was well received and got to #3 on Product Hunt for that day. Feedback on the idea and content was overall good. However, one piece of feedback I continued to hear was it was still a lot of effort to go through each guide to understand which recommendations applied to their trip since every trip is different (international vs. domestic, rainy vs. hot, different laws, etc).

I realized there was a bigger idea, which was to combine data and personalization to automatically recommend the right content at the exact time a user needs it instead of them having to find it themselves, kind of like a Stitch Fix for travel. This ended up becoming Wanderium, and today all the content on Wanderprep has been ported over there.

Although I’ve stopped updating Wanderprep, it’s still live and you can check it out at wanderprep.com.

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