Co-Founder / 2012



“Because there are at least two sides to every story.”

TwoSides was a social debate platform that helped people see the bigger picture on complex issues and make better decisions. Using a unique UI with data visualizations, people could understand every side of an issue like capital punishment in much less time than it’d take to Google for every viewpoint.

By allowing people to indicate what viewpoints they agreed with, TwoSides would also match them with like-minded people. The eventual goal there was to build a “beliefs graph” that other products could plug into for personalization. For example, if a person tends to have liberal viewpoints, a person could connect their TwoSides account to a news app and have it automatically show liberal news they find relevant.


As co-founder, my responsibilites were product manager, product designer, and frontend developer.


After launching, TwoSides grew to over 30K users but ultimately we shut it down after running out of funding.

Other Work