Side Project / 2015 - 2017 Landing Page


I worked on this with a friend. I was primarily the product manager and product designer, with some frontend development sprinkled in. My friend focused on building the backend in Ruby on Rails.

Product makes it easy to remember and reinforce lessons, ideas, concepts, and more using the scientifically proven method of spaced repetition.

It was a simple idea meant to help my partner and I learn more about building an online SaaS business. We also just thought it’d be a useful tool for ourselves.

Read the launch blog post to learn more.


After launching in 2015, we built it up to ~$5K in ARR. We discovered how important positioning is, as we boosted paid signups by 22% after updating the landing page copy to sound more urgent and be centered around benefits and not just features.

We shut it down in 2017 down after priorities shifted for both me and my friend. Lists Lists Homepage

Onboarding Flowchart

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