Moerenuma Park, 2017

I’m a San Francisco based, Bay Area raised digital designer. After studying Computer Science at UCLA, I’ve combined my passion for both design and code since they go hand in hand in creating delightful software products.

Over the years, I’ve founded startups, created side projects, and led product design at Disqus. Building products and features end-to-end is what I enjoy most.

My design process values simplicity, systems thinking, clear communication (especially in writing), and frequent checkins with users and stakeholders for feedback and validation.

Tools and technologies I frequently use: Sketch, HTML, CSS (including SASS and CSS-in-JS), Javascript, React.

On the weekends, I like to bake sourdough, read, tend to my plants, watch NBA highlights, drink boba, and travel to new countries. You could say I’m a walking millennial stereotype… and you’d be mostly right.

My occasional writing

My internet presence

You can find me via email, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Medium.

About this site

This is a Jekyll static site deployed on Netlify. Fonts are Tablet Gothic and Farnham Display from Adobe Fonts. Generative patterns are created using css-doodle.